Gina Lollobrigida

Madonna does a terrible imitation of the Cincetta goddesses and as an Italian myself this does not surprise me- you have to be NATURAL. Madonna lacks the natural lushness of the 1950s Italian Goddesses and is more of a precursor to Jersey Shore. She was at least not stupid enough to attempt Sophia Loren whom, as with La Lollo and Claudia Cardinale, physically and talent wise she is the complete opposite of in every way.


Mummydonna's cover of Floprotica album has been credited as a source of inspiration of many photos and album covers. By who?
Of course by ignorant pseudo journalists who get money from Madonna's PR for spreading their lies in the internet and delusional stans with knowledge limited only to the things done by their idol pornstar. Such a shame Queen did it 10 years before her.



One Madonna worshipper = Lady Gaga hater asked: "So no one can't use big numbers in a video?"
No. It's not just about big numbers( which are exactly the same) but it's a big timer which is counting down the time to zero- in both videos. And don't care about him. This brainless amoeba think... it seems to it that Gaga rips off 8 people at the same time by having curly hair, including Mandonna, who didn't even had curly hair.
However when Little Menopausers think Madonut did it first they say 'She copied madonna', like always.
In this video Petra describes it.

PS. Photo ""comparison"" taken from his reductive facebook page which is a reductive copy of my fb profile. Believe me, I saw many stupid, idiotic comments and websites made by Mummydonna stans but this page is really the most retarded thing I've seen in my whole life. It has also fake photos and false dates.


Who is the worst copycat of the world? Lady Gaga? Maybe, or maybe someone totally original like La Roux is worse at copycating. However Madonna is the best copycat of the world. She has really mastered copying others and stealing from them. In one song and video she is able to copy and steal from dozens of people.(In 'Girl Gone Wild' or 'Give Me All Your Ideas' for example). But there's one thing she will never copy from anyone- talent. Impersonating in great actresses won't help her to be one.
1/2 of the whole image taken from fb page: 'Lady Gaga the worst copycat of the world". LMFAO.


Gwen Wong

This is a classic example of Meisel and Mange stealing obscure references and giving zero credit. This is one of the most vile and heavily retouched pictures of Madonna there is- more a fabrication than a photograph. 
Gwen Wong , Playmate of the Month 1967 is 1967 million times hotter!

Miley Cyrus

When Lady Gaga's fame decreased it was about time to find another popular trend to follow.


Donna Summer

As with Amanda Lear and Ken Russell's films Tommy and Mahler, Madonna plundered and STOLE blatantly from Donna Summer for her "Confessions" era 1970s imagery. But only this. Madonna stole her lyrics few times: on The Girlie Show she mixed 'erotica' lyrics with 'love to love you' or on Confessions Tour she sang 'I fell love' with "her" song 'future lovers' (which also samples from Dido ft. Faithless- one step too far(long version)).


Bianca Jagger

"You can never do the same thing twice, ever" That's what contestable "queen of pop" said.
What about her countless plagiarisms or "tributes", For some actesses she does homage a whole life.


Bettie Page

ALSO ripped off and stole the cone bra from Bettie Page. Despite Meisel's awful photoshop, they have 100% OPPOSITE FIGURES. Madonna stole most of what she used in the SEX book from her pre-internet when Page was mostly still an underground cult icon (yes Bettie page was not a household name in the 1990s) of pin-up aficionados and not the huge mainstream icon she is today.


Barbra Streisand

The see-through, black costume with the same white sleeves, same white collar with black tie/bow tie.


Annie Lennox and The Eurythmics

Another huge rip off that went unnoticed was Madonna's theft of the "Little Bird" video concept from the mid 1990s where all of Annie's previous video personas appear and she fights them. Madonna used this EXACT SAME CONCEPT on one of her later tours.


Sue Lyon

Guess we all know which issue of Vanity Fair Gary Glitter owns. Madonna stole Sue Lyons ENTIRE Kubrick's Lolita look when at the age of 35, Madonna in all her sheer grotesqueness posed as an under age girl looking overtly sexual. Madonna's face was already lined, wrinkle and haggard far beyond her years so the pics were heavily softened and retouched. In the digital era madonna NEVER would have been able to get away the sexualization of children's imagery-that or she'd be competing with Katy Perry.

Maya Deren

Another 'reinvention' from the 'original queen of pop who pushed boundaries and inspired everyone'.
On the right Madonna in the music video for 'cherish' on the left side Maya Deren starring in the movie 'At Land' who copied the queen and backed in time to 1944 to make it look like Madge copied her.

Source of my friend who informed me about it:


Jean Seberg

Madonna deliberately copied her gamine look (hair, striped shirt, jeans, belt) in the Papa Don't Preach video. Why was Madonna pretending to be a pregnant teen with her teddy bear when she was 28 years old?


Tura Satana

One of her( Madge's) look from 'Girl Gone Wild' is a total rip off of Tura Satana's look from movie 'Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!'. It was also used later on MDNA( Madonna's Dumb New Album) Tour where she wore longer sleeves to cover her beautiful arms. Her stans claim that she doesn't copy anyone but recycles her old stuff. It was often used by them in the GGW period when she was accused of copying Gaga.
 Yeah, sure. That's all HER old stuff. Just like older Kazaky's and The Burger Girl's videos, like Gaga's 'The Fame Monster' CD cover, like Deadmau5's intro from 'Some Chords', this all her own stuff. Unfortunately for her there is no push up and no plastic surgery that will make her look like Tura Satana.


Amanda Lear

MADONNA STOLE AMANDA LEAR'S LOOK 100% for her 1970s Euro Disco "Confessions Era" THEFT. Madonna lifts entire looks from other icons and then the press and fans marvel at her "innovation and creativity". BS!

As one Lear fan wrote: " Madonna is all repackaged purloined hype with no substance. Sure at face value Lear is campy, but if you actually pay attention to the music and the words these are really good songs. Amanda Lear is a fantastic lyricist. The verses and her delivery are brilliant. Meanwhile, Madonna can't write for sh**".


Bill Gold

"Madonna has referenced or been inspired by include the drama Mississippi Burning (1988), an investigation of black lynchings by the Ku Klux Klan in the 1960s. Madonna’s video for Like A Prayer is an exploration of the taboo of interracial sex and racial prejudice still in existence in eighties America, also utilising the iconic burning crosses from the film."
There's nothing new nor innovative nor boundary-pushing in this video like her fans claim. Religious motives and scandals were already done by others( Ken Russell, Mylene Farmer, Prince to name a few). And burning crosses at night turn out to be nothing but a rip off from Bill Gold's movie.



Tina Turner

Total RIP OFF of The Acid Queen from Tommy. Madonna managed to steal from Ken Russell and Tina The Queen at the same time!!


Norman Jewison

The video directly references the famous scene between Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair(1968) in which their characters play a rather sexy and heated game of chess.

RJ Williams

RJ Williams, whose pieces have hung in the corridors of the Art Gallery of NSW and Museum of Contemporary Art, is taking legal action against US singer Madonna over what he claims is a breach of copyright.
The 34-year-old says the "M" symbol used on the singer's Truth or Dare perfume, bears too much of a resemblance to the symbol he has been painting and using on clothing for ten years and which he trademarked in 2011.
"Friends from all over the world have been calling me upon seeing the Truth or Dare by Madonna campaign to express their disgust and support," Mr Williams told The Sunday Telegraph.
"It's about my integrity as an artist.
"I do not think it should be able to be used by a giant cosmetics company."
Mr Williams sent a legal letter to Madonna's agent, Guy Oseary, requesting the star immediately stop infringing his copyright, provide him with all profits made so far and enter into a licence with him for future use of the symbol.


Bryan Ferry

Scene with self- rotating chair  in 'Vogue' video is a blatant rip off from Bryan Ferry's video 'Slave to love' .
Madonna has really mastered the 'art' of copying others. She copied so many people in one song( Horst P. Horst, Nastassja Kinsky, Marlene Dietrich,  Malcolm McLaren, Salsoul Orchestra, Bryan and God knows who else).


Fritz Lang

Express Yourself is considered Madonna's greatest video of the 1980s. It is also a COMPLETE RIP OFF of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis". If Lady Gaga did a similar video using an old Hollywood film the press, Madonna fans and Camille Paglia would flip out. Also Madge stans have the audacity to say that "Christina Aguilera's Not myself tonight is a homage to Madonna." But not a plagiarisms because she isn't Gaga and she doesn't threaten her career so much.


Amanda Lepore and Courtney Love

Amanda Lepore asked on her facebook 'Who wore it better?'
I think the answer is simple. Original is usually better.


Jayne Mansfield

Worst Steven Meisel cleavage madonna photoshop fake EVER below. Photos of the very small Madonna pathetically trying to be the buxotic hourglass Mansfield would have been more professional if they'd painted in an entire black magic marker against Madonna's bony chest. 

(Hint-Retouching a big thick black shadow on a body builder's chest and "smudging the shadows" is not "cleavage" and Jayne was not cut with bicep bulge and lats!)


Biagio Antonacci

Madonna and Jonas "Derek Jarman Rip Off" Aukerland copied the work of director Stefano Salvati. "Ray of Light" is exactly like a clip Salvati once submitted to the former Madonna-owned, Maverick Records. The music video he directed featured Italian singer Biagio Antonacci's performing "Non e Mai Stato Subito." The videos feature Antonacci cavorting and dancing at regular speed against a high-speed background. Madonna lifted all that and the clouds and dreamlike quality because she's rip off. See for yourself:
PS. Marlene Dietrich, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga and Mylene Farmer posts are updated and I added new photos.

Gloria Estefan

Many Copydonna fans accusse Gloria Estefan of copying 'ray of xerox machine' video in 'wepa' video. It doesn't matter that Madonna's video is a plagiarism of Biagio Antonacci's itself and he sued her successfully for this. "Everybody copies Madonna"- that's the bullshit we have to read in every third pop music video. Thanks God no one wrote this under Mini Viva's video 'left my heart in Tokyo'. Yet.


Alizée- Madonna's wannabe?

Alizée sang covers of Madonna's songs- La Isla Bonita and Hung Up in 2008. She also copied her look from Like A Virgin CD cover.

However who is whose wannabe? Alizee did it in 2008. Madonna's reductive video of Get Together from 2006 copies Alizee's "L'Alize" video from 2000. So maybe Alizee discerned she has a wannabe and decided to make a homage for one of her biggest fans- Madonna. Hahaha. Madonna doesn't stop flattering her idol. See the scenes for GMAYL from 2012.


Ken Russell

Ken Russell apart from being one of history's greatest film directors and a treasure to Great Britain, was radically challenging the Catholic Church in the 1970s with "The Devils" and "Tommy". Madonna and crud "costume designer" Arianne Phillips blatantly stole Ann-Margaret's white satin room and character Nora Walker from Ken's interpretation of The Who's rock Opera "Tommy" for her Confessions looks. Arianne Phillips is just a vile copycat! The light up life size crosses from Ken Russell's interpretation of the rock opera "Tommy" (as well as the conversion scene in "Mahler") and tons of other imagery. Much of The Confessions era "imagery" was nearly all stolen from Tommy, Mahler, Donna Summer, Amanda Lear and Kylie.

As a very vocal advocate of the restoration and reappraisal of Ken Russell's unparalleled 60 year career this makes me very angry.


Billie Piper

Music video for Love profusion copies from Honey to the bee by Billie Piper.
"The public enmasse were mostly done with Madge over in the states so she started stealing video concepts from Brits."


While part of day-dreaming scenes copies Billie Piper's video, the night scenes are ripping off Evanescence's video Bring me to life.
Notice the sound in the begining with police syrens in background and walking alee in dress.