Green Day

Is there any Mandon'nah's album without any plagiarisms and rip offs? No. Will she ever release a new original album? I don't think so. After watching her 30+ years career build on other people's ideas I'm sure she will reamain the queen of P.O.P.( plagiarising other people).

Brigitte Bardot

Did a muscle man, six pack abs lame version of Bardot and her button up dress in the "Cherish" video which was 100% STOLEN from Vadim and BB's "...And God Created Woman (French: Et Dieu… créa la femme)" Also stole Bardot's makeup and hair styles DOZENS of times. The jewel encrusted body stocking was ripped off pre-internet right down to the upper arm bracelets, when Miesel and Madonna were certain few would notice or have the original pics to disseminate.


Martha Graham

Hailed as one of the most innovative and accomplished dancers and choreographers of the last century, the way in which Martha Graham moved in dance and expressed her creativity through body motion reshaped the dance in a way that has been compared to the way Picasso changed visual art and Frank Lloyd Wright redesigned architecture.
Martha Graham’s influence on the dance and ballet has reached as far as instruction to some of the top names in Hollywood including Bette Davis, Liza Minelli and Madonna. 
Martha died in 1991. Few years later queen of hommadges made a tribute for her in Harper Baazar's photoshoot.
PS Raffaella Carra post was updated.
Princess Diana post was removed as her photoshoot was taken in 1997, two years after Madonna's.

Andy Warhol

"Deeper and Deeper" video is a COMPLETE Warhol rip off from start to finish! Even being a "sanctioned rip off" is sneaky because most under 35 are not going to pick up on or know about the original Factory influences.