Meaghan Jette Martin

How low did a "queen of pop" had to fall to copy a mediocre musical for teenagers?
Is it a coincidence that Camp Rock has similar chorus to Human nature MDNA Tour?


If you are going to cover another artist's song in a cack 2 million dollar video then at least don't copy their hairstyle as well.


Charlotte Church

Looks like she loves copying Charlottes. First she copied Rampling, later Gainsbourg and now Charlotte Church.

Rita Hayworth

While the video of "this used to be my video" is a carbon copy of Boy George- to be reborn the scenery  and style were taken from Rita's photoshoot.



Recycling the song was bad enough but the leotards too?!

Danny Quirk

"December 19, 2015 - As artists, we find the ‘Fair Use’ doctrine to sometimes be beneficial, but sometimes to be extremely disturbing. I guess illustrator Danny Quirk subscribes to the latter according to a post he made concerning Madonna using his work on her shows under that doctrine. Danny has a series of illustrations called Dissections which shows medical sketches (the kind you find in old medical books), combined with living humans. This was his senior project for Pratt institute.
Danny claims that an artist called BessNYC4 [NSFW] pasted a photo of Maddona’s face on his drawing and that they were used in her social media. Any many young artists, Danny was first very happy for the fact that his art was so widely exposed. But then he realized that he was not getting any credit for his illustrations. Danny claims that he tried contacting Maddona’s agent and got no response.
Danny got even angrier when he discovered that those illustrations were also used in Madonna’s shows. Being annoyed he posted about it until his lawyer told him to take the post down as BessNYC4’s work was protected under the Fair Use doctrine for being transformative enough. Danny got annoyed enough that he shared his frustration on his page which got thousands of likes, shares and comments. I am attaching his letter after the jump.
First and foremost … I just want to deliver an open, and honest “F**K YOU” to the “Fair Use Act”, and an ACTUAL “what the F*K!?!?” to those it protects. Almost a year ago to date (Jan 2015) I awoke to a barrage of texts stating my work was popping up on Madonna’s FB, IG, and Twitter, with tens of thousands of likes, shares, comments, etc. ! ! At first, I thought … “WHOAH! / COOL!“ but shortly there after, it sunk in. I contacted her agent, and received absolutely no response. In the meantime, I found out digital collage artist BessNYC4 was the one who ‘made’ the work, sending it to her, merging MY ART with her head, and reaping all the benefits.. Things petered out, and I more or less forgot about it; u n t i l … early Oct 2015. I found out (for all intents and purposes) my art was used in her concerts, despite my attempts at getting proper credit acknowledgment, etc. I made a post to build momentum / got a lawyer, and was hoping for justice. My lawyer said “PULL THE POST!” and it was determined the work was ‘transformative’ under the “Fair Use Act”, which protected them / her and the coinciding articles (which came from momentum of the post covering the ordeal) made ME out to be the bad guy. WHY? Anyone with eyes can see… anyhow, this is a rant how WE ARTISTS are taken advantage of, and how laws protect everyone except for who they should, as you can see in THREE of my pieces … anyhow, I’m not thrilled. Pass along if y’all agree (maybe we can build momentum?)
Danny # "

She not only posted his photos on instagram, which is not a copyright infrigement, but also used them on concerts, from which she earns money and that is a plagiarism INDEED. What happened later? We read on Danny's facebook profile:
"Whelp, just as the last post was garnering momentum, Nipple Police flagged the 5 pixels by 5 pixels of painted nipple, and the post about the uncredited use of imagery containing my artwork in Madonna's social media pages and concerts was taken down due to a ''nudity violation''. Anyhow, thank you to everyone for the support / getting the ball rolling / helping get the word out, and helping to make a stink about us 'unknown' artist's work being misused by household names."

They removed his posts trying to shut him up. Few months ago I remember reporting a page on facebook called "Tits of pornstars"( after translation) with hunderds of photos and they replied to me there is no violation of fb regulamin. Pathetic. Madonna has many friends/ fans/ workers who try to hide the truth about her unoriginality and thievish nature. Many videos showing her plagiarisms and rip offs were removed from youtube or muted due to copyright infrigement of.. Madonna's music, not original. Even my secret project part 16 was deleted for using "her" song 'the beast within' not Fairuz'es voice samples. Video showing Sam Haskins rip off doesn't violate any copyrights but was removed from public view and is shown only for people who have a LINK. Many photos from Super Amanda's listal were removed too. On whosampled they reject my submissions about Mandonna sampling others and even delete old, accepted submissions which were there for years( She's not me sampling Sezen Aksu's yaz or Like a virgin and 4 Tops- I can't help myself).  Keep trying little menopausers but the truth always comes out. Sooner or later.

Jojoes Art

"Hey, we are JojoesArt and PixieCold, freelance artists from Berlin (and siblings.. :)). Yesterday we discovered, that Madonna posted an artwork of Jojoe on her official Instagram, with her own face photoshopped into the image, without mentioning him as the original artist at all.
Jojoes original picture: http://jojoesart.deviantart.com/art/Alice-in-Wonderland-301425862
Madonnas Instagram post: https://instagram.com/p/2lvvutmEUR/?taken-by=madonna
This is not the first time people get recognition for our work without giving us credit. Almost weekly we receive mails by people, who discovered our art being sold on eBay, wallpaper sites and even in shops all around the world. While we appreciate them liking our art, we would love to at least get some of that recognition also for ourselves, as we make a living by selling prints and originals of our work.
We are sure Madonna did not have any bad intentions and probably did not even know where the original picture came from, but still we think it would only be fair, if Jojoe received some kind of credit for that, especially since the post on Instagram received more than 50.000 likes.
Our plan:
So here is our plan: We want to raise attention for the important cause of artist´s rights. Therefore we were thinking, that the easiest way in our age of social media would be, to make this post and somehow get it to reach Madonna.
If Madonna sees this post we want to challenge her: Madonna, if you read this, we would like to tell you, that we appreciate you liking Jojoes piece of art. Therefore we want to create a unique piece of art for you together, a crazy/artistic portrait, and we would love to hand it to you. If you were willing, we could even auction the original picture and donate the money for a good cause. That would be a "compensation" everyone could benefit from. 
How you can support us:
It would mean the world, if you helped us to get this to Madonna by:
- Liking it and sharing it on your wall
- Posting a comment on Madonna´s Instagram/facebook and linking to this post (and PLEASE be nice to her, do not post hate comments, maybe just a nice heart ♥)
We know, it is kind of a crazy attempt, but we hope our message gets across! Artists have rights..."

Madonna did not have any bad intention? Yeah sure, just like with Danny Quirk.


Mary Louise Brooks

No, two imitation pearl drink coasters won't create a "bust line".
PS. Kylie MinogueMarilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich posts were refreshed with new photos.


Charlotte Rampling

Why doesn't anyone talk about Charlotte Rampling or Liza Minelli but Madonna when comparing other female singers like Elin Lanto?
I thought it's because her 'tributes, hommages, reinventions, imiatations, recreations, sampling.." etc. are about taking someone's ideas, passing them to mainstream as own without crediting nor mentiong creators.
However when it comes to Marilyn Monroe everyone knows that Madge copied/imitated her. When someone else like Miley Cyrus or Gwen Stefani does it, they are still compared with Mummydonna, not with original. So what is the reason? Why are all female singers and celebrities compared to her? Is this her PR's, pseudojournalists who get paid for it doing?


Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar's voice alone blows Madonna off the stage and even with red sandals she can't pull off the spandex like the Queen of Rock n Roll can.


George Michael

His video inspired many singers such as Gaga, Beyonce and Madonnasaur who wasn't the first one to wear black latex clothes like her trolls try to tell us. Also human nature video wasn't inspiration for Rihanna's S&M video which is a plagiarism of David La Chapelle photos. Madge doesn't send trends, she follows them.


Liza Minelli

100% RIP OFF OF LIZA IN CABARET. Used her imagery often.
Below is a combo rip off of Liza and an obscure semi topless early picture of Marilyn Monroe. Cap, cane and all!


Erwin Blumenfeld

Next photographer that she "paid tribute to" by not mentioning a single word about him after copying his work.
PS. Guy Bourdin post was updated with 1 photo.


Kirsten Dunst

Another costumed film to steal ideas from. Why does Madonna always try to copy film fashions aimed at teenage girls? These were retouched with a sandblaster.


Taylor Swift

New albums equals new era in Madonna's rip offs and plagiarisms. Even before releasing 'Reductive Heart' she had to follow trends made by most popular singers. One of them is Taylor Swift and her single promo picture stylized as a movie poster with photos of starring people, date of world premiere and same black, white and red colors.


Britney Spears

We are back after a long hiatus with a lots of new photos.
Close-up on heels, while leaving the hotel, escaping from paparazzi, dancing in driven car and at the and everything turns out to be a daydreaming. It all was shown in Briteny's "I wanna go" one year before "Turn up the radio" video was released. I know there is also a similar begining in one Gaga's video, but close-up on feet is the only similarity. And no, Mandonna didn't do it before in Drowned world video because there are only paparazzi and she rides IN a car, without dancing. It's not similar to IWG video.
PS. September and Kylie Minogue posts were refreshed.


Siouxsie and the Banshees

"I was shocked when I saw Siouxsie at Screen on The Green. This was still before John and I were close. She was walking around wearing some suspenders and a bra with her whole tits out. I was stunned. How could she have the nerve? I think she contributed a lot to the free woman's movement. Madonna got it all from Siouxsie, who was totally on her own then." 

-Nora Lydon 
from John Lydon's autobiography 
"No, Blacks, No Irish , No Dogs"

Miss missy photography

Miss missy photography.
Thanks for Mammon-donna who wrote us about this rip off.
Photo taken from:

Version for blind Madonut fans with similarities pointed out:


MDOA Madonna corporate jingoist is Living For Flop: Unable to crack the Hot Billboard 100, she attacks Lady Gaga yet AGAIN

Madonna's entire career-musically and stylistically-is a complete RIP OFF of better sources and she attacks younger women claiming they "ripped her off"  when there is no veracity to her claims. Vadge's "Express Yourself"  is a COMPLETE  RIP OFF of The Staples Singers "Express Yourself" down to the name. Madonna has settled out of court for copyright plagiarism but the media of course never mentions this.

Now she fell off some stairs at an awards show here and middle class Great Britain took pity. Over in the States though no one is buying her trance, house rip off, dried out regurgitations. Rebel Flop. Living For Flop. Whatever. For the first time in her carrer she will have no singles in the Hot 100 because her music stinks.

After this tour where her young children get sidelined again with staff and nannies, Madonna will make yet another failed unwatchbale film who's failure she'll blame on others. This time it won't be a Nazi/Wallis Simpson apologist film it will be the ruination of a great work sadly by an author whom we once deeply loved and respected on this blog.

Seeing Rebecca Walker sell out her novella "Ade" to Madonna is like watching that lovely little organic community market owner that the alternative and multi-cultural population of a small town perennially looked towards for inspiration suddenly say "Oh guess what? I'm selling out to Monsanto, carrying dollar Tree cosmetics and flying a nice big fat Confederate Flag over the door."

Sounds harsh but that's the fucking truth not the Madonna Kool Aid.  Madonna's Revolution of Love? Oh really? That's why Material Girl clothing came from sweatshops in China right?   Sad.

And how many million dollar spas does Madonna have churning out money in Russia now? Two? Three?I thought there was BOYCOTT of bringing commerce to Russia on the part of GLBT and their greatest allies...guess not.

 Flopdonna is MDOA. A greedy corporate jingoist.


Ann Margret

Rip of off Ann as Nora Walker doing "Smash The Mirror" from Tommy right down to the medallions on the maxi dress! The art direction for the "TV Studio" and "Uncle Ernie" sequence is combined and lifted as well. PLAGIARISM and one that few of her fans under 30 would catch as most are familiar with Tommy the stage play not the film. Even the white satin curtains were stolen. The late, great Shirley Russell (the Edith Head of British costumers) created the costumes for Tommy and deserves credit for ALL of this! Madonna assumes that her under 30 fans will never have seen Tommy and any of her older fans who have will not care.

Not sure if this Ann Margret but she definitely copied someone here( look from music video Music)

Sebastien Tellier

The new Madonna's album means new era of plagiarisms and rip offs. It began really fast, "quicker than ray of light". People compare her new album "art"work with the one by The Scorpions , The Cymblas , video by Take That, or even photo of Frida Kahlo( which is fan made, not real photo).
I think that the most similar one is artwork by Sebastien Tellier. Both are CD covers, are black and white photos without anything in background, faces are not screaming and there isn't so much wire like in The Cymbals one.


Gina Lollobrigida

Madonna does a terrible imitation of the Cincetta goddesses and as an Italian myself this does not surprise me- you have to be NATURAL. Madonna lacks the natural lushness of the 1950s Italian Goddesses and is more of a precursor to Jersey Shore. She was at least not stupid enough to attempt Sophia Loren whom, as with La Lollo and Claudia Cardinale, physically and talent wise she is the complete opposite of in every way.


Mummydonna's cover of Floprotica album has been credited as a source of inspiration of many photos and album covers. By who?
Of course by ignorant pseudo journalists who get money from Madonna's PR for spreading their lies in the internet and delusional stans with knowledge limited only to the things done by their idol pornstar. Such a shame Queen did it 10 years before her.



One Madonna worshipper = Lady Gaga hater asked: "So no one can't use big numbers in a video?"
No. It's not just about big numbers( which are exactly the same) but it's a big timer which is counting down the time to zero- in both videos. And don't care about him. This brainless amoeba think... it seems to it that Gaga rips off 8 people at the same time by having curly hair, including Mandonna, who didn't even had curly hair.
However when Little Menopausers think Madonut did it first they say 'She copied madonna', like always.
In this video Petra describes it.

PS. Photo ""comparison"" taken from his reductive facebook page which is a reductive copy of my fb profile. Believe me, I saw many stupid, idiotic comments and websites made by Mummydonna stans but this page is really the most retarded thing I've seen in my whole life. It has also fake photos and false dates.


Who is the worst copycat of the world? Lady Gaga? Maybe, or maybe someone totally original like La Roux is worse at copycating. However Madonna is the best copycat of the world. She has really mastered copying others and stealing from them. In one song and video she is able to copy and steal from dozens of people.(In 'Girl Gone Wild' or 'Give Me All Your Ideas' for example). But there's one thing she will never copy from anyone- talent. Impersonating in great actresses won't help her to be one.
1/2 of the whole image taken from fb page: 'Lady Gaga the worst copycat of the world". LMFAO.


Gwen Wong

This is a classic example of Meisel and Mange stealing obscure references and giving zero credit. This is one of the most vile and heavily retouched pictures of Madonna there is- more a fabrication than a photograph. 
Gwen Wong , Playmate of the Month 1967 is 1967 million times hotter!

Miley Cyrus

When Lady Gaga's fame decreased it was about time to find another popular trend to follow.


Donna Summer

As with Amanda Lear and Ken Russell's films Tommy and Mahler, Madonna plundered and STOLE blatantly from Donna Summer for her "Confessions" era 1970s imagery. But only this. Madonna stole her lyrics few times: on The Girlie Show she mixed 'erotica' lyrics with 'love to love you' or on Confessions Tour she sang 'I fell love' with "her" song 'future lovers' (which also samples from Dido ft. Faithless- one step too far(long version)).