Natalia Kills

Another pop star who was copied when she was on peak- Natalia Kills. Of course Natalia didn't invent all of these things but it is her style. All these ideas like symetrical, triple scenes, some lyrics on screen, protesting people, fighting with soldiers  gathered in 1, 2 videos copied by Madonna hoping to be popular like others. Even the same poses... However worse than Madonut's video is the 'song' or rather terrible sounds recorded with this video.


Sam Haskins

"May 2008 cover and fashion shoot for British Elle. Madonna styled as 'Cowboy Kate' from Sam Haskins' book 'Cowboy Kate and other stories' published in 1964. Neither the stylist (seen interviewed in this video) nor Elle nor Madonna credit Sam Haskins or Cowboy Kate. This despite the fact that a screen in the studio shows Sam Haskins reference images which are being matched by live digital shots on another monitor. As blatant a piece of photographic plagiarism as you will ever find. This is not inspiration its pure idea theft. Only Madonna's make up artist, Gina Brooke interviewed in a subsequent article in another magazine credits Sam Haskins with being a general source of creative ideas. She is the only creative person on the shoot who emerges with their integrity intact. As for the Elle photographer Tom Munro, he is a serial plagiarist, regularly raiding the work of Sam Haskins, Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and occasionally David Hamilton."

Thanks a lot for Ludwig Haskins for this video.
Thanks to him I made this photo:


Guy Bourdin

One of the most known Madonna's art plagiarisms. Her reductive video for 'Hollywood' is a blatant copy of Guy Bourdin's photos. Luckily his son sued her and won the lawsuit.

Looks like she knew Guy years before 'Hollywood' video came out. It's a screen from 'rain' video.