Ann Margret

Rip of off Ann as Nora Walker doing "Smash The Mirror" from Tommy right down to the medallions on the maxi dress! The art direction for the "TV Studio" and "Uncle Ernie" sequence is combined and lifted as well. PLAGIARISM and one that few of her fans under 30 would catch as most are familiar with Tommy the stage play not the film. Even the white satin curtains were stolen. The late, great Shirley Russell (the Edith Head of British costumers) created the costumes for Tommy and deserves credit for ALL of this! Madonna assumes that her under 30 fans will never have seen Tommy and any of her older fans who have will not care.

Not sure if this Ann Margret but she definitely copied someone here( look from music video Music)

Sebastien Tellier

The new Madonna's album means new era of plagiarisms and rip offs. It began really fast, "quicker than ray of light". People compare her new album "art"work with the one by The Scorpions , The Cymblas , video by Take That, or even photo of Frida Kahlo( which is fan made, not real photo).
I think that the most similar one is artwork by Sebastien Tellier. Both are CD covers, are black and white photos without anything in background, faces are not screaming and there isn't so much wire like in The Cymbals one.