Horst P Horst

Music video for 'Vougue' is a total rip off of photos by Horst P Horst, photos of Nastassja Kinski. We can't forget that there already was a song and video about Vouging released by Malcolm MacLaren and Willie Ninja few months before Madonna's reduvtive version. Typical for her. She's always copied things and people which were popular.


Joan Crawford

The video for 'Power of goodbye',which steals music from 'I want to become' by Love Kills is nothing but a reductive copy of movie 'Humoresque' from 1946. Copydonna has never told about this "homage" but her fans still claim she always gives credit for people who inspired her unlike Gaga. Oh really?

Thanks for Reuben.


Jean Harlow

Madonna's hair isn't Harlow gold. She probably listened to Bette Davis eyes too much and she thought she can be like great actresses but she failed with the very first movie.


Bette Davis

Madonna hasn't got Bette Davis eyes. No matter how hard she tries she's just a wannabe.