Bianca Jagger

"You can never do the same thing twice, ever" That's what contestable "queen of pop" said.
What about her countless plagiarisms or "tributes", For some actesses she does homage a whole life.


Bettie Page

ALSO ripped off and stole the cone bra from Bettie Page. Despite Meisel's awful photoshop, they have 100% OPPOSITE FIGURES. Madonna stole most of what she used in the SEX book from her pre-internet when Page was mostly still an underground cult icon (yes Bettie page was not a household name in the 1990s) of pin-up aficionados and not the huge mainstream icon she is today.


Barbra Streisand

The see-through, black costume with the same white sleeves, same white collar with black tie/bow tie.


Annie Lennox and The Eurythmics

Another huge rip off that went unnoticed was Madonna's theft of the "Little Bird" video concept from the mid 1990s where all of Annie's previous video personas appear and she fights them. Madonna used this EXACT SAME CONCEPT on one of her later tours.