Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar's voice alone blows Madonna off the stage and even with red sandals she can't pull off the spandex like the Queen of Rock n Roll can.


George Michael

His video inspired many singers such as Gaga, Beyonce and Madonnasaur who wasn't the first one to wear black latex clothes like her trolls try to tell us. Also human nature video wasn't inspiration for Rihanna's S&M video which is a plagiarism of David La Chapelle photos. Madge doesn't send trends, she follows them.


Liza Minelli

100% RIP OFF OF LIZA IN CABARET. Used her imagery often.
Below is a combo rip off of Liza and an obscure semi topless early picture of Marilyn Monroe. Cap, cane and all!


Erwin Blumenfeld

Next photographer that she "paid tribute to" by not mentioning a single word about him after copying his work.
PS. Guy Bourdin post was updated with 1 photo.