Biagio Antonacci

Madonna and Jonas "Derek Jarman Rip Off" Aukerland copied the work of director Stefano Salvati. "Ray of Light" is exactly like a clip Salvati once submitted to the former Madonna-owned, Maverick Records. The music video he directed featured Italian singer Biagio Antonacci's performing "Non e Mai Stato Subito." The videos feature Antonacci cavorting and dancing at regular speed against a high-speed background. Madonna lifted all that and the clouds and dreamlike quality because she's rip off. See for yourself:
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Gloria Estefan

Many Copydonna fans accusse Gloria Estefan of copying 'ray of xerox machine' video in 'wepa' video. It doesn't matter that Madonna's video is a plagiarism of Biagio Antonacci's itself and he sued her successfully for this. "Everybody copies Madonna"- that's the bullshit we have to read in every third pop music video. Thanks God no one wrote this under Mini Viva's video 'left my heart in Tokyo'. Yet.


Alizée- Madonna's wannabe?

Alizée sang covers of Madonna's songs- La Isla Bonita and Hung Up in 2008. She also copied her look from Like A Virgin CD cover.

However who is whose wannabe? Alizee did it in 2008. Madonna's reductive video of Get Together from 2006 copies Alizee's "L'Alize" video from 2000. So maybe Alizee discerned she has a wannabe and decided to make a homage for one of her biggest fans- Madonna. Hahaha. Madonna doesn't stop flattering her idol. See the scenes for GMAYL from 2012.


Ken Russell

Ken Russell apart from being one of history's greatest film directors and a treasure to Great Britain, was radically challenging the Catholic Church in the 1970s with "The Devils" and "Tommy". Madonna and crud "costume designer" Arianne Phillips blatantly stole Ann-Margaret's white satin room and character Nora Walker from Ken's interpretation of The Who's rock Opera "Tommy" for her Confessions looks. Arianne Phillips is just a vile copycat! The light up life size crosses from Ken Russell's interpretation of the rock opera "Tommy" (as well as the conversion scene in "Mahler") and tons of other imagery. Much of The Confessions era "imagery" was nearly all stolen from Tommy, Mahler, Donna Summer, Amanda Lear and Kylie.

As a very vocal advocate of the restoration and reappraisal of Ken Russell's unparalleled 60 year career this makes me very angry.