Electric Skychurch

When I posted Marlene Dietrich rip off( photo on the bottom) on fleadip's forum she replied that someone claimed years ago that Madonna copied Electric Skychurch. She had no idea what that person meant. I saw a few of their videos on youtube and also didn't see any resemblance in video for 'frozen'. However I recalled how someone on idiotic forum accused Marta Sanchez of copying Madonna's moves from 'frozen'. It was it! I watched once again ES' video and saw the same hands moves of vocalist. I made the comparison and later defended Marta and others in Secret Project part 19 who were said to copy Madon'nah.
I know it may be difficult to see similarities on photos so watch videos for yourself:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkXdjMe1aTM (0:57- 1:02/ 1:43- 1:52)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XS088Opj9o0  ( from 4:00)
On first comparisons you see album cover for ES' "Together" on which is song "Deus", sung on this show and beginging of 'frozen' video. Both made on desert.

Sergei Parajanov

from SuperAmanda's lisal: "I lost all respect for Dali when I saw that Madonna and Wallis Simpson favourite, mass murderer Fascist Franco had pinned a medal on him and while he may not be the one(s)plagiarised above he's representing the surrealists who were."
One of them is Sergei Parajanov- the director of biographical movie about Sayat Nova- the color of pomegranates.
Other surrealists ripped of by queen of hommages