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Rihanna is accused by many M's fans of copying her ,,"iconic",, look from Fever video. The truth is that Madonna didn't invent this (nor any other) look. It was used before in RHCP's video directed by the same person who directed 'fever'. Not only Rihanna is a victim of stupid, unfounded accusations. Some huge morons even compared this look with Shakira's one in "La Tortura" video.


Who really copies whom?


Mylène Farmer- female singer who was controversional before Madonna.

Mylène Farmer is often called the queen of pop in her country- France.
She began making controversional videos with sexual themes in 1986(in Libertine video).
Also in Pourvu qu'elles soient douces from 1988. However that weren't so 'whorish' videos just about f**king like Madonna ones(made later), but also consisted gay(or rather lesbian) themes. Mylene's videos show culture and real human behaviours of old times. Her clips teach something about history( DésenchantéeTristana etc.)
What's more, Mylene was also using religious imaginaery before Madonna- in Plus Grandir video from 1985.
Thanks for Anthony for making this photo:
with description
"My reasons for the comparisons:
First Row: Using crosses (I’m sure someone did it before Mylene but I’m simply trying to point out that Madonna was not the first to use crosses).
Second and Third Row: Kneeling and praying in front of a saint statue.
Fourth Row: Close-ups of the saint statue; also note that the statues move in both music videos."

Also thanks for Kamil Konieczny for sending that photos( and introducing Mylene for me).

More of my findings. MDNA(Madonna's Dumb New Album) Tour seems to be 'inspired' by Farmer.
'The Beast Within' which is a 'remix' of 'Justify my plagiarisms' in reality is just a rip off from Bible's Book of Revelation. She only needed a music video. Mylene already had a video about the beast within which comes out of human's personality and is beyond control. It greatly fitted in Madonna's copied lyrics so she 'paid tribute to Mylene' again.