Another rip off from an underground, less popular person, this time actress. Didn't she learn over the years that imitating someone's style (Dietrich. Monroe etc.) won't make you any better in acting?

Shirley MacLaine

Might as well rip off your ex-boyfriend's sister too!


Will Smith

A post apocaliptycal story in abandoned city. A guy with a gun and dog meets woman and a kid and togethet try to survive. I have a feeling that I've seen this before.. oh yeah in one of the most known and successfull american movies "I am legend". 
Only the endings of stories are different. The Wills's one is very tragic but considering how ghosttown and rebel heart flopped Madge's story is also very sad.

Patricia Hearst

No. No one will EVER take a Wallis Simpson/materialist proud corporate capitalist apologist with a Made in China clothing and makeup line being peddled by her exploited oldest child seriously posing as a Leftist Radical. Not even her fans.