Gwen Wong

This is a classic example of Meisel and Mange stealing obscure references and giving zero credit. This is one of the most vile and heavily retouched pictures of Madonna there is- more a fabrication than a photograph. 
Gwen Wong , Playmate of the Month 1967 is 1967 million times hotter!

Miley Cyrus

When Lady Gaga's fame decreased it was about time to find another popular trend to follow.


Donna Summer

As with Amanda Lear and Ken Russell's films Tommy and Mahler, Madonna plundered and STOLE blatantly from Donna Summer for her "Confessions" era 1970s imagery. But only this. Madonna stole her lyrics few times: on The Girlie Show she mixed 'erotica' lyrics with 'love to love you' or on Confessions Tour she sang 'I fell love' with "her" song 'future lovers' (which also samples from Dido ft. Faithless- one step too far(long version)).