Gwen Wong

This is a classic example of Meisel and Mange stealing obscure references and giving zero credit. This is one of the most vile and heavily retouched pictures of Madonna there is- more a fabrication than a photograph. 
Gwen Wong , Playmate of the Month 1967 is 1967 million times hotter!


  1. Gwen was a sensational blowjobber. She rubbed some kind of Asian plum sauce on your boner, and then would savor the cock from ball sack to tip.When you exploded in her mouth, she'd swallow every droplet of jizz. Once, I remember a cum bubble formed on her lips and she quickly popped it and swallowed the the sticky substance left. When she visited 'Nam with Bob Hope, G.I.s were offering a year's pay to do her.

  2. Your psychiatris just called. He wanted to remind you to take your pills.