Natalia Kills

Another pop star who was copied when she was on peak- Natalia Kills. Of course Natalia didn't invent all of these things but it is her style. All these ideas like symetrical, triple scenes, some lyrics on screen, protesting people, fighting with soldiers  gathered in 1, 2 videos copied by Madonna hoping to be popular like others. Even the same poses... However worse than Madonut's video is the 'song' or rather terrible sounds recorded with this video.


Sam Haskins

"May 2008 cover and fashion shoot for British Elle. Madonna styled as 'Cowboy Kate' from Sam Haskins' book 'Cowboy Kate and other stories' published in 1964. Neither the stylist (seen interviewed in this video) nor Elle nor Madonna credit Sam Haskins or Cowboy Kate. This despite the fact that a screen in the studio shows Sam Haskins reference images which are being matched by live digital shots on another monitor. As blatant a piece of photographic plagiarism as you will ever find. This is not inspiration its pure idea theft. Only Madonna's make up artist, Gina Brooke interviewed in a subsequent article in another magazine credits Sam Haskins with being a general source of creative ideas. She is the only creative person on the shoot who emerges with their integrity intact. As for the Elle photographer Tom Munro, he is a serial plagiarist, regularly raiding the work of Sam Haskins, Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and occasionally David Hamilton."

Thanks a lot for Ludwig Haskins for this video.
Thanks to him I made this photo:


Guy Bourdin

One of the most known Madonna's art plagiarisms. Her reductive video for 'Hollywood' is a blatant copy of Guy Bourdin's photos. Luckily his son sued her and won the lawsuit.

Looks like she knew Guy years before 'Hollywood' video came out. It's a screen from 'rain' video.


Horst P Horst

Music video for 'Vougue' is a total rip off of photos by Horst P Horst, photos of Nastassja Kinski. We can't forget that there already was a song and video about Vouging released by Malcolm MacLaren and Willie Ninja few months before Madonna's reduvtive version. Typical for her. She's always copied things and people which were popular.


Joan Crawford

The video for 'Power of goodbye',which steals music from 'I want to become' by Love Kills is nothing but a reductive copy of movie 'Humoresque' from 1946. Copydonna has never told about this "homage" but her fans still claim she always gives credit for people who inspired her unlike Gaga. Oh really?

Thanks for Reuben.


Jean Harlow

Madonna's hair isn't Harlow gold. She probably listened to Bette Davis eyes too much and she thought she can be like great actresses but she failed with the very first movie.


Bette Davis

Madonna hasn't got Bette Davis eyes. No matter how hard she tries she's just a wannabe.



Same lying stalker scum is at it again. Same IP address, same guy named Aaron who is based on the East Coast and in his 40s. This guy is a stalking gutter scum bag psychopath.

Same person behind all the fake Little Monster/antiMadonna blogs that Huffington Post STUPIDLY republishes and takes Gospel despite the fact anyone can create a blogger account.  Even Michael Anthony Hernadez a NYC marketing executive who should know crass manipulation and internet fakery when he sees it just went right along with what was clearly faked by a Madonna fan. Anyone can see with only one or two Anti-Madonna webpages and dozens of virulent and pathological anti-Lady Gaga pages that the problem lies squarely with Madonna's ageing and unhappy fans.

Here are all the fake accounts. Even a perfunctory Google search shows that not one of these people exist outside of fake twitter and fake Examiner accounts.


Randy Aaron
Peter Buchanan
Edward Daily
Angelica Cruz
Jemuel DaSilva
Sabrina O'Connor
Angela Cheng



 Cher was one of the outstanding artists long before The Copy of Pop came out. In the late 80s the time has came for Cher to be her inspiration. This when these Madona's photos were taken and she performed Cher's song 'I got you babe'.
Cher knows that Moldonna is untalented:
"... She's unbelievably creative cause she's not unbelievably talented. She's not beautiful, but she's kind of, she's rude... So this man asked me how I feel about her. She's creative but she's rude and then I used another word and they bleeped me." 
but she definitely doesn't know that Runaway lover ripps off her Runaway.


Alison Goldfrapp

Singer Alison Goldfrapp has criticised Madonna as unoriginal - because the MUSIC star relies too much on other people to shape her music.
British duo GOLDFRAPP - composed of Alison and composer WILL GREGORY - write and perform their own music, and find it hard to comprehend why musicians like Madonna pinch parts of other people's ideas.
Alison says, "She's always got her eye on what everyone's doing and she's always nabbing people, the latest DJ or whatever, to get them to put their thing on her thing, you know.
"I think it's quite clever, but I don't know if that's creative."
Blasts her again:
Q: Have you ever heard Madonna’s ‘Like It Or Not’ from ‘Confessions on A Dancefloor’? It was her attempt at making a Goldfrapp record. ‘Black Cherry’ to be specific.
Alison Goldfrapp : ‘Never heard it, that song. I couldn’t care less what she or whoever does. Madonna is always copying other people’s work. yuck.’
Q: Well you guys are quite good at it yourself : ‘Ooh La La’ was a T-Rex rip-off. ‘Cologne Cerrone Houdini’ could have been any Gainsbourg song on ‘Historie de Melody Nelson’. And those are just two examples.
Alison Goldfrapp : ‘We have a perfectly legitimate post-modern explanation for that. Those songs are an Hommage! We steal like magpies but we pay tribute to our heroes at any chance we get, in interviews etc.. . Everyone should know by now that Marc Bolan was my idol growing up. But we’ll never be caught following the latest trend or collaborating with the hottest DJs and producers just to get their names on our record sleeves. That’s not our style.

Another example- 'How high' on COADF samples Goldrapp's 'train'.


Cyndi Lauper

Madonna is credited by stupid magazines to be the first one who wore fishnet stockings, crucifix jewelery, rubber bracelets, had crazy hairstyles....
Such a pathetic lies.
Actually Cyndi was dressing like Madonna before Madonna. Probably Madonna's image was more appealing for media than Cyndi's. Her outfits were more slutty and trashy, while Lauper was rather crazy, loony.
Madonna didn't create these things(or any other). It was just a fashion of these times.


THE GLBT community must make Madonna close Moscow and St. Petersburg Hard Candy Gyms NOW

  • Dear Mr. Harvey Fierstein, George Takei, Lady Gaga and GLBT public figures opposing Russia's human rights abuses,
    I hate homophobia and how governments write it into law. Thank you for perennially standing up for the human rights of my Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Trans friends in Eastern Europe and beyond. I had a question and I understand there is sensitivity around the issue due to Madonna's exemplary work in the past for Aids research and tolerance of GLBT people and culture. Why then is she getting a free pass via her multi-million dollar investments into Russia and her willingness to bring commerce to this brutal regime? Madonna is currently investing millions into Russia via two multi-million dollar fitness centres which are aimed at the wealthy elite in Russia and which carry her name and image. Both were opened AFTER Pussy Riot was jailed and after Madonna supported them onstage so she clearly knew with whom she was doing business with. As we all know Russia is allowing the most severe human rights abuses of GLBT people which are largely those who make up her fan base. Thus GLBT money is being invested into a regime that is stripping them of even the most basic human rights. There appears to be no dire financial need for her to do business with Russia and I'm wondering why anti-Russia/Pro GLBT activists are not connecting the dots and seeing that she's getting the radical chic faux Lefty credentials on one hand while making money off and investing millions into a deadly country on the other. A few of our fellow friends think she's the "victim" here which I don't agree with. She can clearly afford to roll up shop and then bring the Pilates reformers and stairmasters back to Russia when they evolve out of the 18th century and join us in the 21st. Another friend said 'that's Madonna for you, she's just clever and gets away with it...' There is something severely wrong with being clever in that regard and this is why as a Leftist I have continually spoken out in regards to the fact I feel she is a greedy and manipulative, "look the other way capitalist" individual who is insincere and even destructive towards those less fortunate-even those who comprise her most loyal fan base. Your opinions and actions would be greatly appreciated as NO ONE should be bringing commerce to Russia.
    Peace, love and camp xox,
    Super Amanda
    London, 7 September 2013

GLBT are being denied human rights in Russia so...

Madonna invests millions into that murderous regime

... and opens two FITNESS CENTERS!!!


Deborah Harry

Blondie singer Debbie Harry has accused Madonna of stealing her look when she rose to fame in the 1980s.

Harry was an up-and-coming musician when Madonna became a pop sensation with her self-titled debut album in 1982, and is convinced the Like a Virgin singer got the idea for her platinum blonde hairdo from the now-62-years-old star.

She says "I came right up against the Madonna thing. Maybe it's my paranoia but she had a lot of my looks. If you look closely, sometimes there are pictures of her and me that completely overlap.

"She(Madonna) was getting such a huge push from Warner Bros., I was definitely on the B-list. It was a hard peiod for me. I don't think anybody knew how to market me or what to do with me. I was like a fish out of water."


Gwen Stefani- The bindi trendsetter.

The reductive Queen of thievery accused Gwen Stefani for copying her few years ago.
Queen of pop and fashion icon MADONNA is certain that HOLLABACK singer GWEN STEFANI has pinched her style.

The MATERIAL GIRL is fond of Stefani but is adamant that she has copied her appearance and taste in husbands.

Madonna says, "She ripped me off. We work with a lot of the same people.

"She married a Brit, she's got blonde hair and she likes fashion." 

" "That c**t's been stealing 
    from me for the last ten years so I thought 
    it was about time I paid her back". "

Forget about theese ridiculous and pitifull charges and look who really copied whom:

Some magazines credit Madonna for setting the trend with henna on hands or the bindi.
Well Gwen Stefani was doing it since 1995/94- 3 or 4 years before Queen of Copy.



Music video for 'bedtime story' was inspired by many surrealist artists. Some of them were totaly ripped off by Madge. That's what we could expect from her. She wouldn't have been herself if she hadn't copy someone.



Marilyn Manson- the inspiration in late 90's

There are some artists who Madonna especially liked to copy is some eras . In the begining it was Olivia Newton John, in the early 2000's it was Kylie Minogue, Confessions era was inspired by Raffaella Carra, now it's Lady Gaga. The same was with Marilyn Manson. He gave Madge's some ideas in 1998- 2000 years, mostly in 'Nothing really matters' video.