Ken Russell

Ken Russell apart from being one of history's greatest film directors and a treasure to Great Britain, was radically challenging the Catholic Church in the 1970s with "The Devils" and "Tommy". Madonna and crud "costume designer" Arianne Phillips blatantly stole Ann-Margaret's white satin room and character Nora Walker from Ken's interpretation of The Who's rock Opera "Tommy" for her Confessions looks. Arianne Phillips is just a vile copycat! The light up life size crosses from Ken Russell's interpretation of the rock opera "Tommy" (as well as the conversion scene in "Mahler") and tons of other imagery. Much of The Confessions era "imagery" was nearly all stolen from Tommy, Mahler, Donna Summer, Amanda Lear and Kylie.

As a very vocal advocate of the restoration and reappraisal of Ken Russell's unparalleled 60 year career this makes me very angry.

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