Gap Commercial

"Madonna stole two lines from a GAP commercial for the song "Sky Fits Heaven," which is included in her 1998 album, Ray of Light.
- She changed "ride" to "fly," hoping nobody would catch on to the theft
- The "child fits mother so hold your baby tight" line is an obvious rip-off
- The rest of Madonna's song relies on the "_____ fits _____" formula. While Max Blagg's poem line of "lips fits mouth" isn't in Madonna's song, other notable lyrics in the song using this formula are "fate fits karma" or "love fits virtue", among others.
But its kind of pathetic if you ask me. Stealing a lyric from a TV commercial? That's Madonna for you."

PS While listening to 'plagiarist fits jail' song I reminded myself Robert Miles' music and listened to few of his soundtracks. You can add "celebration" song to list of titles "she stole". Robert released it in 1996 album dreamland.

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