One Madonna worshipper = Lady Gaga hater asked: "So no one can't use big numbers in a video?"
No. It's not just about big numbers( which are exactly the same) but it's a big timer which is counting down the time to zero- in both videos. And don't care about him. This brainless amoeba think... it seems to it that Gaga rips off 8 people at the same time by having curly hair, including Mandonna, who didn't even had curly hair.
However when Little Menopausers think Madonut did it first they say 'She copied madonna', like always.
In this video Petra describes it.

PS. Photo ""comparison"" taken from his reductive facebook page which is a reductive copy of my fb profile. Believe me, I saw many stupid, idiotic comments and websites made by Mummydonna stans but this page is really the most retarded thing I've seen in my whole life. It has also fake photos and false dates.

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