Siouxsie and the Banshees

"I was shocked when I saw Siouxsie at Screen on The Green. This was still before John and I were close. She was walking around wearing some suspenders and a bra with her whole tits out. I was stunned. How could she have the nerve? I think she contributed a lot to the free woman's movement. Madonna got it all from Siouxsie, who was totally on her own then." 

-Nora Lydon 
from John Lydon's autobiography 
"No, Blacks, No Irish , No Dogs"


  1. How did she get it from Siouxsie ? The outfit was worn on Jean Paul Gaultier's runway. If anything HE got it from her then ? (doubt it)

  2. And in 2015 she also wore it on a catwalk? Madge is never guilty of her rip offs and plagiarisms. She doesn't know what her designers do, where her choreographers, directors take inspiration from, who her writers, producers steal from. Poor Madonnasaur :(((