MDOA Madonna corporate jingoist is Living For Flop: Unable to crack the Hot Billboard 100, she attacks Lady Gaga yet AGAIN

Madonna's entire career-musically and stylistically-is a complete RIP OFF of better sources and she attacks younger women claiming they "ripped her off"  when there is no veracity to her claims. Vadge's "Express Yourself"  is a COMPLETE  RIP OFF of The Staples Singers "Express Yourself" down to the name. Madonna has settled out of court for copyright plagiarism but the media of course never mentions this.

Now she fell off some stairs at an awards show here and middle class Great Britain took pity. Over in the States though no one is buying her trance, house rip off, dried out regurgitations. Rebel Flop. Living For Flop. Whatever. For the first time in her carrer she will have no singles in the Hot 100 because her music stinks.

After this tour where her young children get sidelined again with staff and nannies, Madonna will make yet another failed unwatchbale film who's failure she'll blame on others. This time it won't be a Nazi/Wallis Simpson apologist film it will be the ruination of a great work sadly by an author whom we once deeply loved and respected on this blog.

Seeing Rebecca Walker sell out her novella "Ade" to Madonna is like watching that lovely little organic community market owner that the alternative and multi-cultural population of a small town perennially looked towards for inspiration suddenly say "Oh guess what? I'm selling out to Monsanto, carrying dollar Tree cosmetics and flying a nice big fat Confederate Flag over the door."

Sounds harsh but that's the fucking truth not the Madonna Kool Aid.  Madonna's Revolution of Love? Oh really? That's why Material Girl clothing came from sweatshops in China right?   Sad.

And how many million dollar spas does Madonna have churning out money in Russia now? Two? Three?I thought there was BOYCOTT of bringing commerce to Russia on the part of GLBT and their greatest allies...guess not.

 Flopdonna is MDOA. A greedy corporate jingoist.


  1. Only a small part of the song sounds similar, most of it is a different song. And there's nothing wrong with paying homage.

    1. Stealing someone's samples without agreement and not even mentioning them anywhere is a really grat homage.