Raffaella Carrà: one of the less known 'inspirations' for Madonna.

Unlike Madonna, Raffaella is a great musician who doesn't steal from others and is also a good actress and she is not an attention grabber showing her tits on concerts. Her style is disco, which was often a source of inspiration for Madge. Many Mandonna's fans say that only she can stay in music industry for 30 years, which is an obvious lie. Raffaella is (one of many) best example that it's not true. Carra makes music since 1970- 12 years longer than Madge.Raffaella is well known in the South America and some Europe countries. If anyone thinks that Mandonna doesn't know who Raffaella is, that is also a lie. She starred in the Raffaella's show in 2000.
Thanks for RaffaellaTV for many of theese photos.
EDIT: Read this- Post from Madonna and Raffaella fan


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