Madonna's failed legacy of "human rights" and "political activism" is as shocking as her plagiarism

Where is Material Girl Clothing made? In Chinese sweatshops for Macy's who donates  hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Boy Scouts. They had, back when Madonna signed with Macy's, some of the most restrictive  laws of any mainstream private group in the USA towards the GLBT people. The Boy Scouts STILL discriminate and Madonna and her pitiful daughter Lourdes Leon are still heavily invested in Macy's.

Who's laws are actually far worse than the Boy Scouts and more homophobic and abusive? RUSSIA.  Those who care about the GLBT people being persecuted should across the boards boycott business investments in Russia, correct?  Madonna does not care about the GLBT community in Russia since she opened a million dollar fitness center there the same WEEK putting loads of money into their economy. While Pussy Riot were being divested of their human rights and Madonna used their name for radical chic she was making money. Gyms are more important than human rights to Madonna.

Speaking of Human Rights some of the worst and the most long term have been Liberia at the Bridesrtone Firestone rubber factory and plantation. Child labour, death, murder, rape of resources, thefts of billions, pollution, white supremacy....Firestone is perhaps the most enduring rapist of Africa. This is the same Firestone that sponsored the Super Bowl Half Time show Madonna had her brief comeback in.

Pictures of Marie Le Pen symbolize hatred and human rights abuses but children doing hard labour for Firestone don't? And look, we have not even mentioned Malawi yet have we?

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