Response to Naomi Wolf 's Ultra Pro-Madonna Guardian Piece- Part Two

Oh please! Madonna has been shoved in our faces by the media from day one. In the states she was the only female singer whom the media cared about. Unlike today where eight or nine multi-million dollar brands female Pop bands who vie for and share the light, madonna was held up BY THE MEDIA and shared it with no one from about 85 to 95.

1.First of all, which HITS of Madonna's have challenged ANYTHING political or cultural? What political issues did she vocally and radically stand up for at the height of her fame? Did she ever lead a rally? Go to Washington? Go on a major march? NO. Madonna became fashionably political after she was well safe and moneyed into the multi-millions. She PERSONIFIES materialism and corporate capitalism/outsourcing from her H&M tracksuit down to her daughter hawking paraben lotions and clothing made in China. Firestone Tires in Liberia? 90 plus years of severe human rights abuses. They sponsored the half time show. Ok to "Raise" Malawi but not Liberia I guess.

2. I recall a Spin Magazine interview in the mid-90s where she very pointedly called Black men "the most sexist men I've ever been with" and stated "I've never been treated worse by any other race then Black men". Bell Hooks noted how Right wing and foul the comments were ESPECIALLY given Madonna's perennial thievery of Black culture.(See "Bell Hooks on Madonna" You Tube). The rest of the press and white Madonna style feminists conveniently ignored her remarks. The truth of the matter is that it was her white ex-husband who had been beating her up in the past NOT Black men. Not seeing how that "set America forward". Could ANY star get away with saying that in this era? . Simply because someone is Pro-Gay and is raising money for an AIDS cure does not make them progressive or Left.

3. Like XXX Harcore porn star Sasha Grey at a kindergarten reading books, hardcore porn chic does not work for women. You also seem to think that women walking around naked, (those who can't afford body guards or limos to stay safe in) have benefited from "Girl Gone Wild Culture" and Porn chic that Madonna main-streamed? There was PLENTY of hardcore sex and BDSNM in the 70s long before Madonna (Andrea True Connection? Hello?) it just had its place AWAY from Wal Mart and Mass branding. It was innocent, underground and mysterious. Madonna is sadly cultural break point where hardcore pornography and BDSNM went into the commercial mainstream. Prior to Madonna, no super star public figure had ever been remotely and graphically as sexually explicit (certainly no star with a global fan base of millions of very small children). How has that helped women?


10 February 2012 6:59PM
I did not say that I 'think that women walking around naked..have benefited from Girls Gone Wild' culture.' I don't think that at all. I do think women have a right to express themselves about their sexuality in their art or work on their own terms, and that willl look like all kinds of things, but I don't think the cultural trends you have identified in point number three are good ones


  1. Madonna whorships Lucifer, her Satatical Superbowl Ritual made me so happy that my boyfriend did not lead his team to the Superbowl. I thought for sure they were going to the Superbowl, I almost bought tickets and I almost also took several friends with me. We were going to protest the Lucifernia New World Order Evil Elites, and it worked out great because God allowed Satan to chose Madonna. She has exposed her evil self and how she has sold her soul for Satan. The Cat is out of the evil box. Everyone has freewill, Madonna will go to the Lake of Fire for 1,000 years with Satan! Madonna can do the death dance like she did at the Superbowl for 1,000 years with Satan! Bravo!

  2. Hi, as someone who does not believe in any form of organized religion but also does not practice scientific atheism, I think the "dance of death" in Madonna can be found in the fact that Liberia has been exploited by Bridgestone Firestone for over 80 years. That includes small children and a gross exploitation and rape of resources which frankly no one seems to care about.That alone is evil given Madonna's failed activism in Malawi and her pronouncements about helping impoverished children in Africa. Madonna has the luxury of creating her own events and filling stadiums without hugely exploitative corporations.

  3. Madonna IS corporate America - I don't know why her [often liberal] fans can't see this. They have to insist instead that she is being "ironic". Yeah, ironic all the way to the bank.

  4. Because "Liberal" does not mean progressive or even on the Left it simply means "liberal" and one can be liberal with the truth, reality, hypocrisy etc.

    "she is being "ironic". That's the "taken out of context" of bad artists excuse.

  5. I used to contribute to Flea Dip's site. I loathe this woman as much as you. However, I don't see why we should give a hoot whether Madonna marched in Washington or contributed culturally or politically. Did Cher march in Washington? How about Pat Benatar or any number of others. Some may have had their causes but that's just not Madonna. This is pop music we're talking about. Period. Why should she be making any kind of difference? I think the real difference here is Madonna wanted IT so bad; wanted IT so much more than anyone else. So of course the media is drawn to her. Pretty easy job for them. If someone, anyone, would have been ballsy enough, risky enough, wanting enough, Madonna would have had competition. But no one did.