M.I. A. : latest victim of The Madonna Hypocrisy Curse

I've never been a fan of M.I.A.but am actually not surprised that one the most out-spoken people in a female POP climate of bobble-head apolitical robots has now been cowed into apologising. M.I.A. might not work again if she did not. Much of the media and her fellow Pop stars have conveniently forgotten Madonna's foul-mouthed and totally out of context introduction in Hyde Park at Live 8, shouting motherfucker and the Turner Prize award show and being a finger flipping idiot countless other times.

And of course she threw MIA under the bus-no surprise. Because she and Minaj are the only reasons Madonna will even chart with that crude bubblegum Nicola Roberts/Dandy Warhols mash up. Madonna must feel very unhappy being on such a short teen demographic leash. As it is the recent round of generic "controversy" has been plumbing the depths of sewage at this point-even for her. Calling Lady Gaga "reductive", insulting her body eg "she's not built like Britney , like brick shit house" (as if Madonna is one to judge) and claiming all and sundry who have called The Windsors Nazi sympathizers are "liars and libellous" just seems so sad and sick. That's the best she can do; controversy that is only "controversial" beacuse it is so abysmally  cheap.

One Guardian commemorator wrote:I think she was just pushing for very lame "street cred." Sad comment on the woman (mia) and her culture or rather lack of culture.

And where do you think MIA learned raunch culture from? There is a pay off ( a huge one) if you have no class-that's Madonna's message so why would MIA who idolizes her not want to try too, with the same crudeness? All the girls and women in the Pop industry want to be madonna. That's all they've been told TO be. You need to veer into hypocrisy and snobbery and ideally be white like Madonna to make it seem less "trashy" and "street" but try anyway. Is what it is and a Vogue covers and some chesseball Givenchy cult robes don't white wash it unless you're an idiot.

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