Sezen Aksu- Turkish queen of pop.

    Just like Raffaella Carra in Italy, Sezen Aksu is the best pop singer in her country- Turkey. She also makes music(and writes songs) longer than Madonna. She's doing it for over 40 years, since 1975.( She released a new album in 2017, I recommend 'manifesto' 'hu hu' and ' Koca Kıçlı')
    Many Madonna fans often claim that she did everything first. 'She was the first person who talked publically about important world matters.' or so they say. As we can see, Sezen raised war, hunger and its effects matters long time ago- in 1991.
     In a backdrop from 'get stupid' Madonna showed exactly the same things as Sezen- tanks, rockets, fire, hungry children, migrating, protesting people, politicians etc. Coincidence? I don't think so, especially if we know the fact that music for song 'she's not me' is stolen from Sezen's 'yaz'( from 0:30). That sample was even listed on whosampled.com for a long time but was removed by Copydonna fan.
You are right Madge, Sezen is not you and never will be, because she never stole and never will.

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